Looking for the best Dutch foods to try in Amsterdam? Check out my new Food Guide with the 21 most delicious Dutch foods and where to find all the best city hotspots to order them.

Most Delicious Foods to try in Amsterdam

From herring and cheese to licorice and stroopwafels, we Dutchies love to stuff our faces with delicious sweets and savory snacks. Let me show you the 21 best Dutch foods to try when visiting Amsterdam in 2020.

Best Dutch Food Tours in Amsterdam

Attention to all foodies! The following Guided Food Tours will take you to all the best hotspots to enjoy Dutch cuisine.

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21 Best Dutch Foods To Try In Amsterdam

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21 Best Dutch Foods To Try In Amsterdam

1. Poffertjes

Poffertjes are small little Dutch pancakes, served with butter and powdered sugar. My favorite place to get cheap poffertjes in Amsterdam is at the Albert Cuyp Market in neighborhood De Pijp

Poffertjes topped with white chocolate & Nutella plus some yummy stroopwafels are by far my favorite. In summer I love to order them with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. These tiny snacks are pretty addictive so make sure to order enough (and then some)!

2. Stamppot

Stamppot is a traditional Dutch dish served with mashed potatoes and veggies, topped with meat and gravy. It’s the perfect dish to warm up on a cold Winter day in Amsterdam, which is probably why we Dutchies love it so much!

The most popular variations are Stamppot Endive, Hutspot (with carrots) and a version with sauerkraut. You can try them all, including seasonal favorites with kale and asparagus, at Restaurant De Blauwe Hollander.

3. Patat / Frites

Every now and then I love to treat myself to a big bag of Patat with Mayonaise. This cheap and affordable snack is perfect to recover from a hangover and when you’re traveling on a budget.

There are many spots in the city center to get fries but my favorite place is Manneken Pis. They serve a thicker variant (also known as Flemish Fries) and offer many different tasty topics. You can find Manneken Pis across from the Gingerbread Houses on Damrak so that Instagram hotspot is checked off!

4. Pink Tompouces

The Tompouce is a delicious puff pastry filled with sweet yellow cream and decorated with a layer of pink fondant.

You can get them at most bakeries and supermarkets, but I prefer to get mine at Hema. Order your Tompouce to-go or enjoy one with a cup of coffee at the Hema Restaurant.

5. Broodje Kroket

One of my favorite Dutch lunch foods is called the Kroket, which is a savory fried snack with a veal or beef filling. They’re usually topped with Mayonaise or mustard and can be eaten with or without bread.

For the full Dutch snack experience, I recommend getting your kroket by pulling one from the snack wall at Febo, which you can find all throughout the city.

6. Dutch Pancakes

Dutch Pancakes are thinner than American Pancakes and more comparable to French crepes and one of the best foods to try in Amsterdam. I grew up eating my pancakes with sliced apples and raisins but nowadays I also love topping them with cheese and bacon.

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Whether you prefer savory or sweet pancakes, Amsterdam offers many cozy spots to eat some. For the tastiest and most Instagrammable pancake places I recommend The Pancake Bakery and PANCAKES.

7. Kruidnoten / Pepernoten

Kruidnoten are Holland’s oldest and smallest cookies and a favorite during the holiday season when Dutch people celebrate Sinterklaas. Luckily, you can get them all-year-round and in 58(!) flavors at the Van Delft Peppernuts Experience on Amsterdam Rokin and Amsterdam Singel.

8. Dutch Cheese

When visiting Amsterdam, you can’t miss out on a true Dutch Cheese Tasting Experience. Especially a cheese tasting combined with some delicious wine! Book your cheese tasting in advance to not miss out when you’re here!

When you’re just looking to buy some delicious Gouda Cheese, I recommend visiting a local food market or grocery store for cheaper options.

9. Stroopwafels

This delicious Dutch syrup cookie can be found at every local supermarket, but the best stroopwafels are made fresh at the Albert Cuyp Market.

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When you’re looking for the most Instagrammable stroopwafels in Amsterdam, make sure to visit Van Wonderen Stroopwafels. Their Instagram feed never fails to make my mouth water.

10. Bitterballen

Bitterballen are the round variant of the kroket and a classic Dutch bar-food that goes perfect with a draft beer. This tasty savory snack is typically made with beef or veal and served with mustard and Mayonaise but you’ll soon discover that Amsterdam serves much more tasty options.

Looking for the best place to try one? At Bar Bitterbal, they serve over 25 delicious varieties of the Bitterbal, including vegan-friendly options. Alternatively, you can also find many yummy options at the Ballenbar in the Foodhallen.

11. Licorice / Drop

Dutch Drop has quite the acquired taste and you either hate it or love it. I’m part of that last group and personally can’t get enough of licorice.

Head over to Candy store Jamin near Leidse Square to scoop your own bag of Dutch Licorice and see for yourself in which camp you belong.

12. Kibbeling

Kibbeling is a tasty fried fish (usually cod), which you can find at almost every fish food stall in Amsterdam. I like to get my fresh Kibbeling at the Albert Cuypmarkt, with a variety of sauces such as garlic, ravigotte and whiskey sauce.

13. Snert / Erwtensoep

Snert is a traditional hearty Dutch soup made of split peas and sausage, perfectly crafted to keep you warm on a cold winter’s day. When in season, this soup is served at most cozy Dutch bars in Amsterdam and can be ordered all throughout the year at Restaurant De Blauwe Hollander.

14. Ossenworst

Ossenworst is a traditional snack from Amsterdam formerly made from the Oxes that the city imported from Denmark and Germany in the 17th century. Nowadays, Ossenworst is usually made with regular beef.

I love to enjoy my Ossenworst with some Amsterdamse uitjes (tiny yellow onions) and a tasty draft beer, which I usually order at Café de Spuyt. This cozy brown cafe is located near Leidse Square and serves over 100 different delicious beers to go with your new favorite Dutch snack.

15. Herring

Herring (Haring in Dutch) is a typically Dutch food that’s widely available in every Dutch city, especially when in season during the months of May and July.

According to the locals, fish stall Stubbe’s Haring, near Haarlemmerstraat, is the best spot in the city to get your fresh herring. Make sure to order yours raw with chopped onions and pickles for the true Dutch experience.

(sidenote: I’m as Dutch as can be and really dislike the taste and smell of haring, so don’t worry if feel like skipping this one).

16. Glass of Advocaat

Advocaat is a traditional Dutch liqueur made from eggs, usually topped with fresh whipped cream, that’s making quite the comeback in Amsterdam.

You can order yourself a delicious glass Zwarte Kip Advocaat at Museumcafe Mokum in the city center of Amsterdam (Kalverstraat 92). 

17. Dutch Apple Pie

Although there are many countries that claim to have the best apple pie, the Dutch are surely on top of their game when it comes to this delicious dessert.

For the best apple pie in Amsterdam, I recommend Café de Jaren in the city center. Their beautiful sunny terrace offers the best view on the canals and makes your apple pie taste even better! Alternatively, Winkel43 in De Jordaan also serves some killer apple pie for you to try!

18. Oliebollen

Oliebollen are the #1 Dutch New Year’s treat during the holiday season and only available from November through January. The fried dough balls are sold in special stalls (Oliebollenkraam) which you can find everywhere in the city (like Museumplein).

I love to get mine with raisins and powdered sugar and I’m telling you, it will be hard to resist those delicious smells when you pass an Oliebollen stand in Amsterdam!

19. Frikandel Speciaal

Maybe not the most appealing snack on this list, but I personally love this savory fried stick of meat. Most Dutchies order their Frikandel topped with mayo, curry (or ketchup) and chopped onions (commonly known as the ‘Frikandel Speciaal’).

Just like the kroket, you can pull this snack right from the wall at Febo Snack Bar, near Leidse Square.

20. Classic Dutch Mussels

Restaurant Mossel & Gin at Westergas in Amsterdam Westerpark serves some of the tastiest Mussels and cocktails in town. Besides the classic Dutch Mussels with carrots, leek and white wine, you can find many other tasty options here such as Thai, Roquefort, Truffle, and Dutch Bacon.

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Make sure to order some delicious Gin Mayo with your fries and most definitely try a couple of their super yummy Gin cocktails to go with your meal!

21. Tony Chocoloney

Did you know that Amsterdam is still the biggest cocoa port in Europe? Early 1900’s cocoa trading was done in the Beurs van Berlage on the commodities exchange, which is where you can now find Dutch brand Tony’s Chocolonely and their delicious rainbow collection of chocolate bars.

Tony’s stores are a true chocolate experience with a mega-super-choco-vending-machine filled to the brim with Tony’s bars. And yes, you get to taste them all and even create your own custom bar!

You can find Tony’s Store in Westerpark and Tony’s Super Store in the Beurs van Berlage, which is only a 5-minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station. The Unlimiteds choco machine starts at 10:00 in the morning. 

Extra Tip: Vegan Dutch Snacks

Looking for a wide variety of creative Dutch Vegan snacks? Then I can definitely recommend the Vegan Junkfood Bar in Amsterdam.

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From loaded fries to coconut curry bitterballs and vegan shawarma, the Vegan Junkfood Bar offers a vegan alternative for all your unhealthy food cravings.

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21 Best Dutch Foods To Try In Amsterdam

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