Amsterdam is a city of water and we like to take full advantage of that during those hot summer days. Let me show you the best urban city beaches for outdoor swimming in Amsterdam.

When summer hits the city and temperatures rise, everyone in Amsterdam heads outside to escape from their hot apartment. As we Dutchies don’t get to enjoy many hot summer days, you’ll quickly find us crowding parks, terraces and city beaches to soak up the sun.

Swimming in outdoor water has become very popular amongst the residents of Amsterdam. Luckily there are many great city beaches where you can take a refreshing plunge in the water!

Outdoor Swimming in Amsterdam

tHUIS aan de AMSTEL at Omval is the perfect spot to take a dive in the waters of Amsterdam

When visiting Amsterdam in summer, make sure to put an urban city swim on your Amsterdam bucket list! Here are 10 amazing outdoor swimming locations to get you started!

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#1 Omval (Amstel River)

Close to Spaklerweg Station, you’ll find an amazing spot for outdoor swimming in Amsterdam: The Amstel river. The water at City Harbor Amstelkwartier is easily accessible by stairs and there is a great big area for sunbathing.

Outdoor Swimming Spots Amsterdam
This location is super fun to visit by boat

When all that swimming has made you hungry, there are plenty of places in this area to grab a bite to eat.

Cafe tHUIS aan de AMSTEL has a cozy waterfront terrace and is the perfect spot to enjoy a freshly prepared lunch and a big glass of Rosé.

For pizza and delicious Italian food, you can visit L’Osteria. At George Marina, you’ll find a great menu with fresh seafood and sushi.

#2 Berlage Bridge (Amstel river)

If you want a real feel for what it’s like to enjoy an urban swim with the locals, head out to the Berlage Bridge near metro-station Amsterdam Amstel.

From the petty in front of Roeicentrum Berlagebrug, you can dive straight into the Amstel. Can you imagine I used to go here during my lunch breaks at work? What a way to enjoy the Summer when you’re on the job!

You can book SUP tours on the Amstel River via (website in English).

Berlage Brigde - Outdoor Swimming Spots Amsterdam
Cafe Hesp & Berlage Brug

When the sun starts to set you can head over to the waterfront terrace of Café Hesp, a few meters down the road. Here the party continues with a nice cool beer and a lovely plate of Chicken Saté!

#3 Bogortuin (IJhaven)

Another great spot for an awesome city swim is Bogortuinparkstrand on Java-eiland, near tram station Azartplein.

The architecture on the islands looks quite different from the rest of Amsterdam as it was transformed from a harbor into a residential zone in the 1990s. Enjoy the view while you’re in the water!

#4 Amsterdamse Bos

If you like to experience a more relaxed afternoon by the water, head out to the Amsterdamse Bos. The beach and pond are the perfect

This forest is a superb spot for spending a sunny day in nature with your friends, family, and dogs! Barbecues allowed!

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You can take a dip in the Grote Vijver (pond) or take your kids to outdoor paddling pools Groot Kinderbad and Klein Kinderbad.

Besides swimming, there are plenty of fun things to do in the Amsterdamse Bos. From renting a canoe to cuddling goats. You can even put your tent up at Camping Amsterdamse Bos!

#5 Strand Blijburg in IJburg (IJmeer)

When you’re looking for a real sandy beach and some good tropical vibes, Strand Blijburg is where you want to be.

Loved by the people of Amsterdam, it’s the perfect summer hotspot to do some swimming and sunbathing. If you think that’s too boring, you can also find a skatepark, kitesurf school and surf center here.

#6 Sloterplas

Sloterplas is an ideal location for a nice day out with the family. The water on the south-west part is accessible by stairs so you can easily get in and out.

You’ll also find some tasty food trucks in the area for a nice bite to eat.

#7 De Oeverlanden / Nieuwe meer

How about a swim or a sup tour with a view on the skyline of the Zuidas? I can tell you, it’s pretty amazing!

De area around Nieuwe Meer has many secluded beaches for you to soak up the sun in privacy.

#8 Gaasperplas

The Gaasperplas is an ideal location to enjoy a hot summer day and home to many dance festivals. Enjoy the sunbathing area or built some pretty sandcastles on the stretch of beach.

This place has excellent amenities, such as showers and toilets. If you’re looking for a place to eat, you can often find some food stalls in the area.

#9 Borneokade (Entrepothaven)

Located in Zeeburg on Borneo Eiland, the Borneokade is the perfect spot for a quick dive in the waters of the Entrepothaven.

You can access the water from a wooden jetty, but keep in mind that there are no other amenities here.

#10 Park Schinkeleilanden

Tucked away behind the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam South, you can find green oasis Park Schinkeleilanden.

The park offers a big green hill to do some serious sunbathing and you can easily dive in the water from the large wooden petty.

A nice bonus of visiting this place is your view on all the pretty houseboats located here.

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Curious what other fun things you can do when visiting Amsterdam in the summertime? I will tell you all about it in my Ultimate Summer Guide to Amsterdam.

I wish you a wonderful time splashing around in Amsterdam and can’t wait to hear more about your summer adventures in the city. Let me know your favorite spots to swim in the comments!

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