Amsterdam Museum Guide


The Classic Masterpieces

Discover the Golden Age of Amsterdam by famous masterpieces from painters such as Rembrandt and Vincent Van Gogh.


The most visited museum of The Netherlands counts over 5.000 paintings. Inside the gorgeous building of the Rijksmuseum, you will find many famous masterpieces, such as The Night Watch by Rembrandt. Skip the line and get your tickets in advance.


Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum showcases the world’s largest collection of Van Gogh’s artwork. Discover the artist’s most famous paintings Almond Blossom and Sunflowers up close at the Van Gogh Museum. Skip the line and get your tickets in advance.

Portrait Gallery

This exhibition in The Hermitage Museum displays over 30 colossal 17th-century group portraits by famous Dutch masters. A must-see if you want to discover the splendid Golden Age of Amsterdam. 

Rembrandt House Museum

Inside Rembrandt’s house, you’ll find a unique collection of the painters’ etchings, sketches, and even his marvelous seashell collection. You can also join a daily sketch session and learn how to paint like Rembrandt yourself!


Modern Art Museums

Love modern and contemporary art? Then you’ll definitely want to visit the following three museums in Amsterdam.

Stedelijk Museum

Enjoy one of the richest modern art collections in the world and view artworks by famous painters such as Matisse, Rodin, and Pollock in the Stedelijk Museum. Skip the line and get your tickets in advance.

Moco Museum

Moco is Amsterdam’s newest and coolest boutique museum and the go-to place for fans of modern and contemporary arts like Banksy and Warhol. Skip the line and get your tickets in advance.

Cobra Museum

At the Cobra Museum, you’ll learn all about the colorful CoBrA movement and why it was as one of the most important avant-garde art movements of the 20th century.  


Looking to up your Instagram game? Then make sure to visit FOAM Photography Museum for the ultimate inspiration. Inside you will find the works of famous photographers such as William Klein and Francesca Woodman.


Educational Museums

These museums are a must-visit for adults and kids and will definitely teach you a thing or two about the world!

Nemo Science Museum

Nemo is all about making science fun for kids and adults. Learn more about the planet on 5 floors of hands-on science experiments and head out to the rooftop terrace for a spectacular view. Skip the line and get your tickets in advance.


Discover the world of invisible microbes in the world’s first groundbreaking and award-winning microbe museum Micropia and learn why fungi and bacteria are so important for our planet. Skip the line and get your tickets in advance.

National Maritime Museum

Experience 500 years of maritime history in interactive exhibitions and a VR journey in the National Maritime Museum. You can even step aboard a replica of a sailing ship from the Dutch East India Company. Skip the line and get your tickets in advance.

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Quirky Museums

Amsterdam has a lot of fun and quirky museums that are definitely worth a visit. From a gallery dedicated to cat art to an old church high up in the attic, make sure to check some of these out!

Museum of Bags & Purses

Tassenmuseum Hendrikje is located in a historic canal house and has a unique collection of over 5.000 handbags from 1600 A.D. to the present. A must-see for fashionistas! Skip the line and get your tickets in advance.

Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder

Get a unique view of the living quarters of a typical 17th-century Amsterdam canal house and discover a gorgeous secret church on its top three floors at Museum ‘Our Lord in the Attic’. Skip the line and get your tickets in advance.

The Cat Cabinet

This odd but fun museum houses a gorgeous collection of cat-themed art and cute resident cats. Make sure to spend some time petting them and visit the shop for some kitty souvenirs. 

Museum of Prostitution

Get a unique perspective on the world’s oldest profession at Red Light Secrets. You can even sit in a window yourself and have your picture taken!


Houseboat Museum

Always wondered what life is like when living on a typical Amsterdam houseboat? Step aboard the Hendrika Maria at the Woonbootmuseum and I promise you’ll feel right at home!

Amsterdam Cheese Museum

Relive the history of cheese making and experience all the unique flavors of Hollands’ best cheeses. You can even dress up like a traditional Dutch cheese farmer!

Dutch Costume Museum

Learn all about the history of Dutch clothing at the Klederdrachtmuseum and discover the craftmanship that went into creating all the beautiful traditional customes.

History of Amsterdam

Want to learn more about the history of Amsterdam and the Netherlands? Just the beautiful locations of these museums are worthy of a visit!

Amsterdam Museum

Learn all there is to know about the past, presence and future of Amsterdam in different exhibitions and activities and let the Amsterdam Museum tell you the city’s story. Skip the line and get your tickets in advance.

Museum of the Canals

Discover the story and Golden Age of the Amsterdam canals during an interactive journey through a monumental house on the historic Herengracht.

Jewish Historical Museum

Visit the Jewish Historical Museum, Portuguese Synagogue and the National Holocaust Memorial in one go and learn more about the importance of Jews in the Netherlands. Skip the line and get your tickets in advance.

Anne Frank House

You can’t leave Amsterdam without visiting the Anne Frank House. Discover more about her life in the secret annex through various quotes, photos, videos, and original items.

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Museum Willet-Holthuyzen

Marvel at the world of the 19th-century Dutch aristocracy in this perfectly restored canal house full of art and historical artifacts. The French garden is the best spot to unwind! Skip the line and get your tickets in advance.

Museum Van Loon

Visit one of the finest canal houses, belonging to the Amsterdam regent family Van Loon, who co-founded the Dutch East-India Company and be in awe of all their collections.


Discover the oldest kitchen in the Netherlands in this luxurious authentic canal house from a wealthy Golden Age family. You also get to visit the Biblical Museum on the top floor. Skip the line and get your tickets in advance.


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