Every Spring from mid-March to mid-May, the Netherlands transforms into a colorful paradise full of gorgeous blooming tulips. Make sure you don’t miss out on Tulip Season 2020 and come visit Amsterdam and Keukenhof this Spring!

Best places to see Tulips in Amsterdam in 2020

Before we dive into all the best places you can see the Dutch tulips in and around Amsterdam, let’s first answer some the most frequently asked questions for Tulip Season 2020:

What’s the best time to see tulips in the Netherlands?

When you’re traveling to Holland in 2020 to see the tulips, you’ll experience them at their best around mid-April.

The full tulip season runs from Mid-March until mid-May. Around this time you can find more than 7 million colorful flower bulbs bloom in the Keukenhof and many other places in the Netherlands.
Tulip Fields -- Tulip Season 2020 Amsterdam Travel Guide

Where can I see tulips in Amsterdam city?

The city of Amsterdam offers a wide variety of locations from where you can marvel at the colorful Dutch tulips. The capital city of the Netherlands kicks off the 2020 tulip season on January 18 during the annual National Tulip Day on Dam Square. This is followed up by the Amsterdam Tulip Festival, which takes place from April 1 to April 30.

Just 30 minutes outside of Amsterdam you will find the world’s biggest flower garden Keukenhof in Lisse, which is also home to the famous stretches of tulip fields.
Amsterdam Tulip Festival -- Tulip Season 2020 Amsterdam Travel Guide

What is the best time to visit Keukenhof?

In 2020, Keukenhof is open from March 21 through May 10 from 8:00 AM to 7:30 PM. April is usually the best time to see most of the tulips in full bloom.

Try going early in the day and season if you want to avoid the crowds. The busiest time is around mid-April and during the annual flower parade.
Keukenhof -- Tulip Season 2020 Amsterdam Travel Guide

Where to buy tickets to Keukenhof?

You can easily book your online tickets to Keukenhof upfront to skip the line. Simply hop on a tour bus at Amsterdam Central Station to take you straight to Keukenhof in Lisse.

When you want to see more of Lisse, you can also directly book a selection of bike and car tours to explore the surrounding tulip fields.

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10 Best places to see Tulips in Amsterdam

Did you know that every year, an estimated 1.7 billion Dutch tulips are exported all over the globe? Even though it’s been a while that the world suffered from Tulipomania, we Dutchies still love to show off the flower that made Amsterdam so famous.

Here are the 10 best activities to discover all the colorful tulips during the flowering season in the Netherlands!

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Best Places to See Tulips in Amsterdam

1. National Tulip Day 2021 – A square full of tulips

The Dutch tulip season officially kicks off on National Tulip Day, which takes place on Dam Square in the city center of Amsterdam. Although you’ve missed the 2020 edition, you can already put January 16 on your calendar for 2021!

During National Tulip Day, Dutch tulip growers transform the square into a giant temporary garden with over 200.000 tulips on display. There’s even a picking garden where you can pick your own free tulip to take home with you.

2. Amsterdam Tulip Festival 2020 – Tulips everywhere!

Every year in April the city of Amsterdam welcomes Spring by decorating over 85 public locations with beautiful flowering tulips, during the Amsterdam Tulip Festival.

The blooming tulips can be found in the gardens of museums and hotels, many important buildings, and random street corners in different neighborhoods. You can check all locations for 2020 on the Tulip Festival website.

3. Zomerbloemen Pluktuin – Harvest your own tulip bulbs

Nearby Amsterdam, the Zomerbloemen picking garden is the perfect spot to visit on a sunny Spring day. Located along to the Amstel river, I definitely recommend renting a bike to get there. You’re in for a very scenic and typically dutch cycling route.

The picking garden offers over 25 thousand beautiful tulips in 50 different colors. Not only do you get to admire them all, but you can also harvest the bulbs to take home with you. Plant the bulbs in your own garden around October to enjoy them again in Spring the following year.

Address: Amsteldijk Zuid 183 b in Nes a/d Amstel (website)

4. Keukenhof – Seven million blooming bulbs

Visiting the world’s largest flower garden, Keukenhof, is a pretty unique and unforgettable experience. Here you can marvel at millions of tulips and other flowers blooming, displayed along 15 kilometers of footpaths and gorgeous promenades, pavilions, and lakes.

The Keukenhof tulip garden and surrounding tulip fields in Lisse are located just 30 minutes outside of Amsterdam. In 2020 the Keukenhof is open from March 21 through May 10 from 8:00 AM to 7:30 PM. Try going early in the season if you want to avoid the crowds. The busiest time is around mid-April and during the flower parade.

Address: Stationsweg 166A in Lisse (website)

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5. The Flower Parade – Scented flower floats

The Flower Parade is a famous Dutch Spring tradition, also known as the Bloemencorso Bollenstreek. In 2020 the Flower parade will take place on Saturday 25 April.

The colorful flower floats display the most gorgeous scented Spring flowers like Hyacinths, Daffodils, and tulips. If you want a good spot to see it all, make sure to come early. You can also book a helicopter tour that gives you an amazing birds-eye view on the parade, flower fields, and the Dutch beaches.

6. Exploring Lisse – Colorful Tulip Fields

Lisse is the perfect spot to admire all the colorful tulip fields and located right in the middle of the famous Flower Strip, which runs all the way from The Hague to Alkmaar.

You can rent a bike or electric car to ride along the tulip fields and take many gorgeous Instagram photos. Just make sure to stay out of the actual flower fields and to not pick any flowers.

7. Picking Garden De Bollenburcht – Pick your own tulips

You can, luckily, pick your own pretty tulips at tulip picking garden De Bollenburcht. With over 100 colorful tulip varieties to choose from, I’m pretty sure you’ll find some to your liking here.

Besides picking flowers, you can also take a stroll around the castle garden, watch nostalgic movies about the history of bulb cultivation and even buy some tulip bulbs to take home with you.

Address: Teylingerlaan 13 in Voorhout (website)

8. Amsterdam Flower Market – The perfect Instagram location

The floating flower market (Bloemenmarkt) in Amsterdam is a popular tourist attraction located on the Singel canal in the city center. It’s the perfect place to shop for tulip bulbs, fresh tulips (when in season) and many other typical Dutch souvenirs such as cheese and wooden clogs.

Keep in mind, when you’re looking to buy flowers to snap that perfect Gram, it’s usually a lot cheaper to pick up a bouquet at a local flower shop or grocery store. The flower market itself makes for an awesome backdrop of course!

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9. Museum of the Black Tulip – Learn about the cultivation of tulips

Museum de Zwarte Tulp is the perfect place to admire tulip-inspired art and learn more about the cultivation of the tulip bulb. Located, only 10 minutes walking distance from Keukenhof, it’s a great addition to spending your day in Lisse. The museum is opened from Tuesday through Sunday, from 10 am to 5 pm.

Address: Heereweg 219 in Lisse (website)

10. Amsterdam Tulip Museum – All about the Dutch Tulipomania

The Amsterdam Tulip Museum is located on the Prinsengracht, right across from the Anne Frank House. Although it’s pretty small, this quirky place offers many interesting ways to learn more about the famous tulip mania and crash.

The museum offers a comprehensive look at Holland’s favorite flower through photographs, videos, interactive displays, and historical artifacts. Make sure to visit the gift shop for cute tulip souvenirs and bulbs to bring home with you.

Address: Prinsengracht 116 in Amsterdam

Start Planning Your Tulip Getaway Now

Did you get excited to visit Amsterdam in Spring? There’s still plenty of time to make it happen! Here are some tips on where to stay in Amsterdam. Hope to see you soon!

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What are your favorite places to see tulips in Amsterdam? I’d love to hear all about your travel adventures and favorite things to do in Amsterdam. Leave your tips in the comments and I’ll make sure to check it out!

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